Rose McGowan reveals she's in 'incredible pain' after being stung by a 'murder hornet'

Rose McGowan
Photo credit (Getty Images)

Rose McGowan revealed that she was stung by a murder hornet.

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The former “Charmed” star took to her official Twitter page, writing: “I was just stung by a Murder Hornet. Incredible pain, right arm and leg going numb. Heart racing. Any tips?”

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After announcing her scary incident, the actress posted a picture of the insect that stung her.

She captioned the photo: “Here lies Murder Hornet. I smashed you five times with big books and you still look pretty. What are you?! Pain scale 9.7 out of 10.”

However, fans on Twitter said that the insect pictured in the post was actually a European hornet, or Vespa crabro, adding “they look very similar.”

She later added another tweet and wrote, “Update on Murder Hornet situation - My vision is now fuzzy. My balance is off. I am in the middle of nowhere. My body is sweating, stomach cramping.”

After a social media user called her out for lying about the insect, McGowan responded, “I live in a jungle in Mexico.”

McGowan later shared a video of the bug. After she said she smashed it, the insect was seen still moving in the footage.

“Omg i broke a sweat smashing it. It will not die,” she wrote in the caption.

“It’s shell doesn’t splatter it’s guts out when you smash it,” she said questioning what it was in the video that contained profane language.

A few days ago, officials destroyed a nest with more than a thousand “murder hornets” in Washington state, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

Authorities said crews responded to rural Whatcom County after a report of an estimated 100 Asian giant hornets in a nest. Officials said after peeling back the bark on a dead tree, they discovered “nine layers” of honeycomb hosting about 1,500 hornets: adults, larvae, and eggs.

The report was the first nest sighting of murder hornets this year and about two miles away from a smaller nest that officials exterminated in October.

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