Baldinger: Lamar Jackson is playing better right now than when he won MVP


Lamar Jackson became the second unanimous NFL MVP back in 2019 and the Baltimore Ravens quarterback might be playing even better than that right now.

“The Ravens came out, they went seven plays, 75 yards. You literally cannot execute any better, and it’s all Lamar,” Baldinger said (14:55 in player above). “Lamar’s playing better football right now than when he won an MVP in this league.”

Back in 2019, Jackson threw for 36 touchdowns with just six interceptions while also rushing for 1,206 yards with seven scores. He's the definition of a dual-threat quarterback.

“The first drive, they run a little read-option. He comes out, a threat to run the ball, they got somebody there, and then off the run he flips it to Odell Beckham for 11 yards,” Baldinger continued. “Then two plays later he’s got three verticals going down the field… Lamar got time, he flicks it – literally a flick – to Zay Flowers for 40-something yards in the middle of the field. And he finishes it off with a quarterback keeper.”

The Ravens scored touchdowns on each of their first four drives before the Lions completed four passes. They sailed to a 38-6 win after going up 28-0 in the first half.

“It was 28-0 in the first 22 minutes of the game. He didn’t miss,” Baldinger said. “He hit his tight end Mark Andrews twice for touchdown. He could not miss.”

Jackson finished the game with a season-high 357 yards on 21 of 27 passing with three touchdowns. He also ran for 36 yards and a score.

“The perfect quarterback rating is 158.3 and he was [155.8]. I don’t know why it wasn’t perfect,” Baldinger continued. “The way that he extended plays, scrambled – his accuracy right now is scary. The ball’s going exactly where he wants it.”

The Ravens are starting to enter the conversation in the AFC and Lamar Jackson needs to enter the MVP conversation as well.

“Right now, you want to talk about Week 7, who’s the MVP of this league? If you’re not talking about Lamar you’re not watching or you have a bias,” Baldinger concluded. “Just watch the games.”

Jackson is currently +700 to win MVP behind Patrick Mahomes (+250), Jalen Hurts (+450), and Tua Tagovailoa (+500)

Featured Image Photo Credit: Greg Fiume/Getty Images