Joliet Township High School District 204 seeks volunteers to help students chronically tardy, truant

Blurred student running late
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JOLIET, Ill. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A suburban high school district is looking for volunteers to help students who are chronically late or truant.

Joliet High School District 204 is reaching out to community members and alumni to be part of what it calls, "Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circles," to work with students and their families to “identify the root cause of student behavior that resulted in disciplinary measures so that the behavior is not repeated," the district said in a statement.

It’s a way to try to figure out why individual students are always late to school or don’t show up at all, before the school district takes more serious action like turning the student over to the truancy officer or expelling a student.

The program would involve having the students take part in five, one-hour sessions with a support team consisting of the Problem Solving Circle Facilitator, a family member or trusted adult of the student’s choice, and a community volunteer. During the sessions, open conversation takes place applying the core principles of “what happened” to determine the “why it’s happening” (the root cause of the issue), then to suggest the appropriate supports for the student and the family. that includes that volunteer, who could offer his or her point of view.

The role of the community volunteer is essential to the Restorative Practices Circle’s success due to the objective viewpoint that the volunteer provides. Volunteers share their own experiences with the student and provide a welcoming presence of support and encouragement.

Those interested can learn about volunteering at, and sign up by filling out and submitting the online volunteer interest form. You will receive a phone call and additional information once the form is submitted.