Local eatery offers New Orleans style seafood boil in the Midwest

Lowcountry currently has three locations in Chicago and one location in Milwaukee. Photo credit Lowcountry

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) --Lowcountry, the local eatery that invites customers to create their own seafood boil has a business philosophy of rise up in times of crisis.

Lowcountry currently has three locations in the city and one in Milwaukee.

"My fondest memories growing up was with my family-traveling to New Orleans every summer," said owner Pan Hompluem.

During these trips, Hompluem use to eat foods such as crawfish and shrimp.

Hompluem and his wife started doing "backyard boils" in the summer. "It was so much fun," he said. "We were looking around. Everyone's having a good time-enjoying themselves, enjoying the food."

That's when Hompluem thought he could turn the concept into a restaurant.

He said the idea of Lowcountry boil was always related to communal eating, which is common in southern culture.

"I'm glad that Chicago has embraced the cuisine and the way of eating and I'm proud to see that happen."

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