Suburban ice cream shop branches out into donuts, coffee

donuts on a tray
Some of the new offerings at Triple Scoop'd Ice Cream Shop. Photo credit Rob Hart

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- It's early on a Saturday morning, and people are already stopping by the Triple Scoop’d Ice Cream Shop in Park Ridge.

It opened at the end of 2020 is now branching out into coffee and donuts.

Founder Jim Hanlon sort of backed into the ice cream niche after buying the building that houses the store in late 2019. The building on Devon was to provide office space for his medical device company.

But it also had retail space. Hanlon tried to lure a friend who owned an ice cream shop in Kenosha to come to the Chicago suburbs: “I told him, ‘One dollar in rent for two years! You pay your utilities. It’ll be great.’”

His friend passed, so Hanlon moved forward with his own plans, despite warnings from a restaurateur that it would be lots of work.

Hanlon says the success of Triple Scoop’d can't be measured in dollars and cents. “What this business brings is a sense of community,” he said.

Hanlon also owns real estate and part of a construction company. While the ice cream shop is a huge time commitment, he says you should pursue your passion.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Rob Hart