Tenants say negligent landlord is trying to evict them illegally

plumbing issues at Chicago apartment
Tenants say they are having a range of problems at apartments owned by BSD Realty. Photo credit Metropolitan Tenants Organization

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Tenants of three apartment buildings in Chatham are accusing their landlord of illegally trying to evict them while leaving the properties in horrible condition.

One of the occupants, Marmita Dunnigan, said hallway lights in her building at 79th and Prairie have been out for months.

She said she didn’t get any notice about plans to evict her until she came home one day in October to find the locks changed and the door broken.

Sam Clendenning with the Metropolitan Tenants Organization said his group has tried to get meeting with BSD Realty to discuss problems with inconsistent heating, plumbing problems, mold, rats and bedbugs. He said residents think the lack of response is intentional.

“It’s not that the building having these problems is inherently illegal — it’s the lack of response by management that constitutes a violation of the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance.”

BSD Realty said in a statement they are the managers for the buildings' new owners, who have already spent more than $50,000 fixing heating problems they inherited. BSD said they've been in regular contact with the tenants organization and the owners plan to do a lot more to bring the buildings to the best possible condition.