Darren Eales says goodbye to Atlanta


Former Atlanta United President Darren Eales stopped by Dukes & Bell Thursday for one final visit. Eales is reported to have taken a new venture overseas. The former face of the club says he discussed how he and his team was able to make the club a fabric of the city of Atlanta.

“Well I think there’s a couple of things with hindsight that you can take into consideration. We put the supporters first and that’s something that came from Arthur Blank at the very top. Even when he hired me that was something we discussed, but of course you need to execute it.”

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Eales added that a number of factors and fan bases were included in making the club work

“We were just trying to meet the supporters out where they where. I think Atlanta is an amazing city, so diverse and fast-growing. Residents love the city but a lot of them get their identity from where they came from….Atlanta United became a badge of honor they could wear for the city.”