What other trades make sense for the Atlanta Hawks?

Matt Moore of The Action Network explains what moves could be on the horizon for the Hawks

We all knew that after Atlanta spent a bunch of money last offseason keeping their core group to “run it back” this past season they wouldn’t have much money to play with this offseason to go after free agents, so trades had to be and have been the way Atlanta has re-tooled their roster thus far.

By now we all know about the Hawks acquiring All-Star guard Dejounte Murray to pair with Trae Young in the backcourt, and Friday afternoon the Atlanta Hawks made another trade sending Kevin Huerter to the Sacramento Kings for Justin Holiday, Maurice Harkless, and a future lottery protected first round pick.

Now, the question is again what is the next move for the Atlanta Hawks? John Collins is still on the roster, and after all the trade rumors he’s been involved in really the past two years it seems like the Hawks won’t truly be done making moves until the five-year power forward out of Wake Forest is moved.

Mike Moore of The Action Network joined The Jon Chuckery Show, featuring Chris Goforth, Friday evening, and he gave an idea of what the next move for the Atlanta Hawks could look like saying “The Mavericks are still looking to reconfigure some of their pieces, and they’ve got guys like a Maxi Kleber, they’ve got guys like a Tim Hardaway Jr. who’s obviously familiar in Atlanta. Those are the types of moves I think that you can augment around them depending on what the salary requirements are that opens up future flexibility, while also improving the roster in the immediate.”

Mike continues by basically saying that there’s been a lot of talk about how now the Hawks are “reshuffling” the players around Trae Young and Dejounte Murray. Mike also says the right now the challenge the Hawks are facing when it comes to moving John Collins is that “Getting players back for what the Hawks are offering I think is a challenge right now because teams are looking to add Collins and Bogdanovic to already contending teams, and they don’t want to give up the pieces that put them in contention to get them.”

Mike also says“I think Capela stays, right now that’s the communication I’ve been given is that there’s very little chance Capela gets moved.” Mike finishes his thought by saying “I look at the Pacers as another option. Just because they still have guys like a Myles Turner, they still have players like a Buddy Hield that are available, and those are maybe the types of players that can get rerouted in a three-way trade that Atlanta can take advantage of.”

It still feels like with John Collins on the roster the Atlanta Hawks have one more big move up their sleeve, but only time will tell what that move will be. It’s been an entertaining offseason for Atlanta Hawks fans thus far, and I don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.