Will Trae Young be able to lure free agents to Atlanta?

Former Head Coach and now Audacy NBA Insider Jimmy Patsos tells Chris Goforth that it's also the players responsibilities to bring in star players

Trae Young was just named to the All-NBA Third team, his first All-NBA selection of his young career and hopefully the first of many. However, what Trae does off the court this offseason will be just as important as what he does on the court next season. Can Trae Young convince another star to come play with him in Atlanta this offseason? Former Head Coach and now NBA Audacy Insider, Jimmy Patsos, told Chris Goforth on The Jon Chuckery Show that he thinks bringing in another star is a part of Trae’s star responsibilities.

Ever since Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks made that magnificent run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2021, not only has the two-time all-stars’ celebrity grown around the world, but the respect received from his peers on the court has grown as well. The question is, has Trae built up his resume and cache enough to be able to persuade another star to play with him in Atlanta?

Jimmy Patsos thinks it’s not only the responsibility of Travis Schlenk to bring in star players but he also thinks it’s the responsibility of the players as well saying “How do you lure another player? Without saying you know Travis Schlenk has got to do that, but without saying there is collusion I think the players have to get another guy to come. Who can they draw to come? Who can Trae Young draw to come?”

As Coach Patsos talked about, without any collusion or doing anything illegal, I think it’s safe to say Travis Schlenk and Trae Young will be hard at work behind the scenes this offseason to get another star player to put on that Atlanta Hawks uniform alongside Trae in the 2022-23 season, and with the way Trae’s career trajectory is going I don’t think it will take much convincing