The Corey Taylor vs. Machine Gun Kelly feud rages on: 'You f***. You’ve been here for 5 minutes'

'You're gonna f*****g run your mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 f*****g years'
Machine Gun Kelly and Corey Taylor
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Just when you thought the Corey Taylor/Machine Gun Kelly feud got put to bed, it gets a double-shot espresso to jolt it right back awake.

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Corey Taylor was one of the artists taking part in the 2022 ShipRocked cruise and held a question-and-answer session with fans. During the session, Taylor brought up his feud with Machine Gun Kelly as he summarized the whole ordeal and brought along a few new details.

"For those of you that don't know, MGK doesn't like me very much. And let me follow that up by saying I don't care,” Taylor began his speech (via Blabbermouth).

"I won't fill you in on the whole f*****g story because you can go online and look it all up. However, I will say this: he maintains that I started it. The truth is he started it. Now, I will explain to you why.”

Taylor went on to discuss how he was asked by Travis Barker to do a song with MGK. “I didn't dig it. And I tried to do something with it because of my respect for Travis, because he and I worked together before,” Taylor said.

After receiving some “really weird notes,” Taylor declined the collaboration and sent MGK’s team an email. After months passed without hearing back, Taylor figured the whole thing was over with. That is, until he came across an interview MGK did.

“He goes off on this f*****g rant about rock stars and comfortable shoes. It sounds as smart as you think it is,” Taylor said. “I mean, spit was coming out of his face. And I'm watching it and I'm going, 'You f***. You've been here for five minutes, basically, and you're gonna f*****g run your mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 f*****g years, like in the mud, in the dirt. They're gonna wear whatever the f*** they want. You're gonna walk in here with your f*****g black tongue and try to talk some s*** on some bands that would f*****g circle your ass? F*** you.'”

Taylor continued: “So when I had my opportunity to say something, I did. And I didn't call him out. I just said what I said about people failing in one genre and sliding over to another. And that upset him. Weirdly, we're in Chicago on the same show, and we're playing basically at the same time. And he wasn't happy that there were a lot of people at our show — and I do mean a lot."

"But he, to this day, maintains that I started it," Taylor concluded. "It's, like, the only reason I said what I said is because he said what he said. You don't get to walk into a genre with the history, with the work.”

As for Kelly, he recently teased a new collaboration with WILLOW on TikTok about falling “in love with an emo girl.”

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