Watch our Audacy Check In with Three Days Grace

Inside their new single 'So Called Life'
By , Audacy

Three Days Grace is back with a brand new single, a tour, and a new studio album that’s right around the corner.

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Matt Walst and Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace joined Audacy’s Carlota for an Audacy Check In as they took us inside the making of their new single “So Called Life.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Three Days Grace had already planned on taking 2020 off from touring and prioritized getting remote recording set up for each member of the group.  “We were lucky because we had a jump start on things,” Sanderson said. “We were planning on taking 2020 off anyway before COVID hit. We were sort of fortunate that we had our remote collaboration game together ahead of time and that we were not planning on touring in 2020.”

The group was able to collaborate with one another remotely and had streaming sessions where they would work on material. “Everyone could be in their own studios and it could feel like we were in the same room together,” Sanderson added.

With the ability to collaborate with one another remotely, Three Days Grace were able to write and record a whole album worth of material. As a result of their efforts, Three Days Grace will be releasing their seventh studio album EXPLOSIONS on May 6.

Aside from making a new album, both Matt and Neil did have some positive takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic. For one, Walst became a father as he welcomed his first child into the world.

“I had a kid, my first born son, eight months ago.” he revealed. “Yeah, I’ve never done that before!” He added with a laugh.

Sanderson had a bit of a different experience. “I bought a sick boat and sailed the great lakes. It was awesome, I took the family and learned a ton about boating.” Neil. “It was a dream that I had for 20 years.”