Julian Edelman reveals how Belichick motivates players for playoff games


Julian Edelman played in 19 career postseason games with the Patriots, including seven straight AFC Championships.

On the eve of NFL championship weekend, Edelman revealed how Bill Belichick motivates his players for big games.

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It all starts with film.

“He would give us highlight clips, like a cut-up of old situations of that same situation. Or old games of that game,” said Edelman on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast. “Like, not even Patriots [expletive]. He would show us New York Giants. Like, ‘This is how you do it. Watch [Lawrence Taylor!]’

That revelation isn’t surprising, considering Belichick’s reverence for Taylor and old-school football. Belichick’s other chief motivational tactic is on brand as well.

Edelman says he would run down the roster, and remind Patriots players of their previous football indignities.

“He would bring in all these clips and give a breakdown and then he would have a speech. He would point guys out like, ‘Matthew Slater, no one ever wanted you. You weren’t even supposed to be drafted,’” said Edelman.

Rob Ninkovich was an especially favorite target.

“‘Hey Ninkovich, you were a [expletive] long-snapper! You couldn’t even play the position. No one wanted you,’ That’s what he would do,” said Edelman.

It’s hard to argue with results. Ah, the good old days.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports