The emotional reunion between Daniel Bard and Fenway Park


It was just one semi-innocuous inning. But, in reality, it was a piece of what was anything but a run-of-the-mill day for Daniel Bard.

The Rockies reliever's scoreless frame in his team's 10-inning, 4-3 win over the Red Sox Monday night was just the icing on what had been an unforgettable few hours. That was because after 10 years, Bard was making his first trip back to Fenway Park.

A case of the Yips. Retirement. Rediscovery. Another battle with the Yips just a few months ago. And now landing back at Fenway with a 0.92 ERA in 19 appearances. That's why the moment was memorable.

Listen to Daniel Bard's reaction to returning to Fenway

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