Who Sam Kennedy ruled out, and wouldn't rule out, for Chaim Bloom's replacement


Sam Kennedy speaks after Chaim Bloom's firing

As the conversation of why Chaim Bloom was fired by the Red Sox slowly drifts away, focus will turn to who will be replacing him.

One name that team president Sam Kennedy definitively ruled out was former Red Sox general manager and Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein.

Epstein is currently working in the Commissioner's office, while living in Connecticut.

“I appreciate the question. I can rule out Theo Epstein as a candidate for one of these two positions," Kennedy said. "I know there's speculation, there’s professional history, there's an even longer personal history. But I can rule Theo Epstein out as a candidate for one of these positions."

There wasn't such a defining remark when it came to the idea of Alex Cora potentially moving up to the front office, a spot the current manager had said he would like to inhabit at some point in his career. (He did serve as the general manager for Team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.)

"I'm not going to talk about anything in terms of speculation with candidates but we'll begin that that process immediately." said Kennedy when asked about the idea of Cora switching roles.

"I do. I anticipate a broader search (than after they moved on from Dave Dombrowski). One that frankly could take a while. That's why we are we are so blessed with Raquel (Fereira) and Eddie (Romero) and BOH (Brian O'Halloran), Group (Mike Groopman). We have amazing men and women in this … individuals in this organization leading us and that's really important. It is a team effort. We sat with our baseball operations department before making this news public and I just am always overwhelmed by the talent in that group. So it's a hard day for them as well. But we've got a great group in place to lead us in the interim during the search."

The last time the Red Sox conducted a search for the head of their baseball operations department, it started with the firing of Dave Dombrowski on Sept. 9, 2021 and lasted until Bloom was announced on Oct. 25.

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