Triumph: A Remarkable Journey of Overcoming Kidney Disease

Gregory Works
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In a world full of incredible stories of resilience and triumph, there is one that stands out—an extraordinary tale of survival, courage, and unwavering determination. A husband, father of two teenage girls, and sales exec for one of the nations leading software company, Greg Works has engaged in a battle against kidney disease for over two decades. A two-time kidney transplant recipient, Mr. Works shares his experiences, struggles, and ultimate triumphs in his captivating book titled "Triumph: Life on the Other Side of Trials, Transplants, Transition & Transformation." In an exclusive interview, Mr. Works sheds light on his motivation to write the book and the remarkable journey he has undertaken to overcome this daunting physical condition.

Speaking about his motivation behind "Triumph," Mr. Works highlighted the need to address the untold stories of individuals facing health challenges. Mr. Works stated, "People go through things, but they don't really tell their story. I wanted to help others so that they had the ability to navigate a health challenge." Mr. Works recognized that his personal story was no longer just his own, but a story that needed to be shared.

Describing his two-decade journey, Mr. Works dispelled the common misconception surrounding kidney transplants. Mr. Works explained, "When you get a kidney transplant, that's not the end of the journey. Getting a transplant is only a treatment because you may have to have a second, a third, or even a fourth kidney transplant." He emphasized the need for continuous effort and vigilance in maintaining his health and functioning optimally.

Sharing his experience during the pandemic, Mr. Works emphasized the importance of stringent precautions. Mr. Works said, "For me, my approach to COVID was just like it was when I was on dialysis. I had to make sure I protected myself... I was focused in terms of how I approached everything." Despite testing positive for COVID-19 twice, Mr. Works unwavering commitment to health and safety enabled him to navigate the challenges posed by the global health crisis.

Offering guidance to those facing kidney disease, Mr. Works stressed the significance of understanding the diagnosis and exploring treatment options. Mr. Works emphasized the value of connecting with others who have walked the same path. Mr. Works stated, "Talk to people... someone that's actually going through this process. They can share information that will be very, very helpful for you as you try to proceed and move forward."

Mr. Works inspirational journey and his book, "Triumph," serve as a beacon of hope and resilience for all those battling kidney disease. Reflecting on his motivation for writing the book, he explains, "It was important for me to actually move forward as God told me to share this story." Mr. Works vulnerability and willingness to share his experiences showed as a true testament of strength. "Triumph" is available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon Books, and Books-A-Million. To listen to the entire interview, download the audio above.

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