Cook County Jail Prepared For Coronavirus, Sheriff Says

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Photo credit Cook County Jail

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Cook County Sheriff says the jail is prepared for coronavirus with nearly 2,000 beds that can be used to quarantine inmates, if necessary.

Sheriff Tom Dart says they've been testing some detainees for coronavirus for a couple of months now.

"We've been testing since January, I think -- and nothing,” he said Monday. "People come in with a fever of any nature and things like that, and we will test. Cermak Hospital has been great, working on that.”

Sheriff Dart says they've already designated parts of the jail that can be used for quarantine. The jail has about 1,700 beds that can be used to quarantine inmates if necessary.

The jail is relatively empty now, with just over 5,600 detainees for a capacity of 10,000, Dart said.