Coronavirus: Changes Coming To 'Open' Office Layout

Office Open
Photo credit iStock/Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The open office layout so popular with younger workers may be a thing of the past due to health concerns for employees.

Tom Gimbel envisions a return to cubicles or walls or the installation of Plexiglass after coronavirus-related lockdowns are lifted. 

“The point of the open floor plan was easy proximity to talk to co-workers, to approach co-workers, to sit in a cluster,” the founder and CEO of LaSalle Network tells Cisco Cotto in the latest WBBM In Depth podcast about COVID-19.

He said small meeting areas and communal kitchens will be out. What will be in?

“It’s going to be hallways that go one way and other ones go the other way. It’s really going to change the dynamic in a lot of ways. It’s better than from working from home, it’s better than not being able to leave your house, but it’s definitely going to be a little bit colder," Gimbel said.