Republican Lawmaker Pushes Recall Of Gov. Pritzker

Photo credit Springfield, Illinois.

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The problems with the Illinois Department of Employment Security during the pandemic are bad enough to effectively justify firing Gov. JB Pritzker, says one Republican lawmaker. 

Speaking during a Zoom news conference organized for him, State Rep. Allen Skillicorn of East Dundee said Tuesday he’s not out for news coverage.

"This is a non-partisan issue. This is not my voice. Let it be heard: It's the voice of one million people in Illinois who are now unemployed,” he said. 

Pritzker, a Democrat, has said the jobless-benefits system was built 10 years ago for normal conditions and admittedly was overwhelm when the pandemic shut down sectors of the economy.

Skillicorn says Pritzker hasn't shown interest in fixing it.

The recall process in Illinois needs Democratic and Republican lawmakers to sign on before it goes to a statewide ballot.

Asked about Skillicorn's remarks later in the day, Pritzker sarcastically congratulated Skillicorn for finally wanting to fund state government, contrary to his votes since he has been in the General Assembly.

Pritzker reiterated his administration did the best it could in an unprecedented situation. IDES upgraded its web platform, hired more employees and has paid overtime to existing workers to deal with record caseloads.