Whimsical art installation has serious message about single-use plastic

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A new art installation has opened at the Wrigley Building that comments on the enduring impact of single-use plastics.

“The Plastic Bag Store” is part of this month’s Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. The exhibit by artist Robin Frohardt — subtitled “A Tragicomic Ode to the Foreverness of Plastic” — uses humor and craft to question a culture of consumption and convenience.

The shelves are filled with thousands of hand-sculpted items that resemble produce, meat, cakes, toiletries, periodicals and other goods found in the average supermarket. They're made from discarded single-use plastics.

Some of the “products” have names that would make the old Wacky Packages trading cards proud. A sampling of products stocked at The Bag Store: Marlbag Lights cigarettes, Bagorade sports drink, Yucky Shards cereal and Bagmopolitan magazine.

The message for sale: The world is clogged with plastic.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Brandon Ison