Message replaces women's march in 2020: Be sure to vote

womens march Chicago
Women's march in Chicago, 2018 Photo credit Getty Images

Women’s March Chicago is pushing people to vote in the November election, and they’re having a get-out-the-vote “Zoom to the Polls” this Saturday.

The names “Biden” and “Trump” were never mentioned in the Women’s March Chicago preview of this weekend’s Zoom to the Pools.

But the message was clear: Vote for change.

Mary Kay Devine, director of external affairs at Women Employed, said a range of issue could be decided at the polls, including paid family leave and the graduated income tax rate proposed for Illinois.

“We must continue to push the message, loud and clear, that voting is the cornerstone to effecting change,” Devine said.

Jaquie Algee is president of the board of Women’s March Chicago.

“Make a plan to either vote by mail, vote early or vote on Nov. 3.  But whatever you do, vote.”

The Zoom to the Polls event will be live-streamed on Facebook this Saturday at noon.