South Side woman who was falsely arrested, assaulted by CPD settles with City

Chicago Police Department
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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A South Side woman reached a settlement with the City of Chicago after being falsely arrested and assaulted by police.

Julie Campos was working at a South Shore Family Dollar Store on East 79th Street when she was physically assaulted by Chicago Police Officer Eric Taylor.

“She was helping to clean up property damage that had occurred during the summer 2020 uprisings,” said attorney Joshua Levin with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Illinois. “That’s where a totally out of control Chicago police officer came up to her, grabbed her, and hit her in the face.”

Campos videotaped the interaction before she was forced to stop recording and was placed under arrest.

Levin said Taylor had tallied up more civilian complaints than 93% of other Chicago police officers.

In May 2022, Campos filed a federal civil lawsuit to hold the City of Chicago and its police department accountable.

“Because it’s the City’s failure to adequately discipline and supervise officers that results in a totally out of control bully, with a gun and a badge, on our streets in a role that should be about serving and protecting,” Levin said.

Levin said the sides reached a “significant monetary settlement,” though the ACLU did not disclose the amount of money involved.

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the officer was separated from the Chicago Police Department, which Campos called a victory.

“The officer who abused me is no longer on the streets,” Campos said in a press release. “He — and I hope others — know there are consequences for their actions.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images