Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, convicted of corruption and lies, spoke at family values event

Kwame Kilpatrick, the formerly incarcerated Detroit mayor, is shown June 13,, 2021, headed into the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit. Kwame Kilpatrick preaches Photo credit © Rodney Coleman-Robinson via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Detroit Mayor who has been convicted on numerous charges, was listed as a speaker for the inaugural Social Conservative Policy Conference this week in Charleston. S.C.

While Kilpatrick served in the Michigan House of Representatives as a Democrat, this event focused on conservative issues such as “social conservatism vs. woke activism” and featured Pro-Life speakers. Kilpatrick, 52, was listed as the pastor and CEO of Movemental Ministries on the event roster.

“Join the largest convening of the most important social conservative policy leaders in America,” said an event description. “Together, we will debate ideas, develop strategies and action steps, and cast fresh vision to increase our impact and influence in public policy.”

Last month, WWJ reported that a federal judge has denied a request from Kilpatrick to be released from court supervision, citing his “lavish lifestyle”. Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison a decade ago but was given clemency by former Republican President Donald Trump. Charges included racketeering and wire fraud.

“Defendant committed very serious crimes, and he still owes a significant amount of restitution,” Judge Nancy Edmunds wrote, noting that he was still obligated to pay more than $192,000 to the IRS.

Kilpatrick is also connected to the Tamara “Strawberry” Greene murder, which WWJ explores in depth in the new podcast “Who Killed Strawberry?”

Greene was a single mother and exotic dancer who was shot and killed in 2003, during Kilpatrick’s first term as mayor.

“Kilpatrick… may not have had anything in common [with Greene] at first glance, the story is more complicated under the surface,” according to the pod. “Host and writer Christy Strawser and producer Zach Clark delve into how Kwame and Tammy’s names became connected and what was going on beneath the surface in both of their lives.”

The latest episode of “Who Killed Strawberry?” uncovers the time one of Kilpatrick’s bodyguards found ripped panties in a city vehicle, which Kilpatrick insisted be delivered to him in person.

A twitter post about Kilpatrick’s connection with the conservative event went viral this week with 1.6 million views. Many of the commenters noted the disconnect between “family values” and Kilpatrick’s controversy-ridden past.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Rodney Coleman-Robinson via Imagn Content Services, LLC