Poll: Americans considering gifting travel and credit card points

Making a surprise. A senior man presenting boarding passes to his wife
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An online survey of 2,000 U.S. adults found that Americans are considering gifting travel and credit card points this holiday season.

This poll was commissioned by Forbes Advisor and conducted by market research company OnePoll from Nov. 22 to Nov. 28.

Over the past three months 100% of survey respondents said they used credit cards, 71% said they paid with a debit card and 68% paid for transactions in cash. Credit card companies sometimes offer rewards or cash back. Some of these rewards include travel-related options.

“The majority of rewards credit cardholders (53%) would consider giving credit card points or rewards to someone else as a gift,” said Forbes Advisor. “Among those who would give a travel-related gift, the majority (70%) would give it to their spouse (or significant other), children or parents.”

While just half of women said they would consider gifting credit card rewards, 61% of men said they would consider it. People age 18 to 25 were more likely (64%) to consider it compared to 26 to 41-year-olds (26%), 42 to 47-year-olds (55%), 58 to 76-year-olds (33%) and people over 77 (3%).

Most people surveyed (88%) said they would be happily surprised if they received a travel-related gift. A quarter said they would prefer plane tickets, 17% said they would like to be gifted a hotel stay and 16% said they would like cash. Just 14% said they would like to be gifted a cruise trip, 13% said they would like gift cards, 7% said they would like “exclusive experiences” and 4% said they would like a rental car.

Although many people said they would appreciate travel-related gifts, around 5% did say they would be upset or concerned to receive this type of gift.

“So, it’s wise to make sure that your loved one is open to this type of experience before you redeem valuable credit card rewards or cash back on a flight or hotel stay,” Forbes Advisor said.

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