Pritzker defends state's COVID-19 restrictions: The economy versus public health are not mutually exclusive


(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- It seems that as long as the pandemic is here, Gov. Pritzker will be criticized by Republicans and some small business owners for his decisions to curb business operations, but he continues to defend the state's COVID-19 restrictions he has put in place.

On Monday, Pritzker was quick to reject a question about where his priorities lie during the pandemic: are they with the people or with the economy?

"The economy is already a priority and I reject the idea that this is a complete trade-off between keeping you healthy and making sure that we have an economy that's moving forward," Pritkzer said.

He blamed the lack of financial assistance for small businesses, bars and restaurants on the federal government, saying they would have received a lift if the Trump administration did more to support those hit hard by the pandemic.

"The truth is the federal government did not provide enough to support small businesses," he said. "We have all seen that bars and restaurants for example, are badly in need."

He said he has asked the state's federal representatives to help his administration push for more small business relief.