Allen doesn't believe surgery will be needed on elbow

The Bills quarterback dealt with his injured right elbow since Week 9

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WGR 550/WBEN) - Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen says he and the team do not believe his injured right elbow will require any surgery this offseason.

“We don’t think an operation is necessary at this time," Allen said. "Rest and recovery is going to be really good for it.”

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Allen first injured his elbow near the end of the team’s Week 9 loss to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. He never missed a game, but says it did impact how he threw the ball for a while.

“There was a period right after for a few weeks where it was pretty bothersome, but it didn’t effect me at all that much," Allen said. "I just kind of felt like maybe I was trying to throw it a little differently mechanically, had to change a few things, and got away a little bit from how I’m used to throwing the ball. That’s just kind of a byproduct of that, but it didn’t effect me too much.”

Allen says it wasn’t until two weeks ago when he finally felt like he got back, mechanically, to where he would like.

“Being a rotational thrower, it’s very kind of elbow-prevalent," Allen explained. "I maybe got a little bit to more of a linear-type deal, because I just couldn’t really use all that much force, and kind of just flicking it out there.”

The fifth-year quarterback did re-injured the same elbow in Sunday’s 27-10 loss in the AFC Divisional Round to the Cincinnati Bengals, briefly having to be evaluated in the medical tent.

Allen says he will most likely work with his personal quarterbacks coach Jordan Palmer again this offseason, but he’s unsure when, or even if he will head back to California to do that.

“I didn’t really plan for this to happen, obviously,” he said of his team’s stunning and sudden end to the season.

“I’m just kind of figuring things out as we go here, and just playing it by ear.”

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