More union votes at Starbucks

Ballots mailed out for employees at 3 more WNY stores
Starbucks union vote
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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) After historic votes last month, 3 more Starbucks stores will see their employees vote to unionize. Employees at 2 of 3 stores last month voted in favor of unionization.

The National Labor Relations Board announced voting will take place at the Transit Rd. Depew, Walden and Anderson Cheektowaga, and Sheridan and Bailey Amherst locations. Ballots will be mailed out January 31st, with the votes to be read on February 23rd.

Starbucks organizers say it's another victory. “It’s time that Starbucks stop abusing the NLRB process and allow a fair vote,” says Colin Cochran, a barista at the Walden & Anderson store. “Starbucks keeps raising this same issue for every store that files for an election around the country, which the NLRB already ruled on. It’s a waste of time and resources and it has to end now.”

“The labor board was clear in October that we had the right to vote in individual store elections. Starbucks’ knew this but unfortunately decided to once again try to delay the vote in a desperate attempt to stop us from organizing,” says Rachel Cohen, a shift supervisor at the Sheridan & Bailey store. “Despite the anti-union campaign of Starbucks, our fellow partners won their union in December and we look forward to joining these partners soon.”

“The truth is that Starbucks’ actions have shown they aren’t interested in any partners voting,” Angel Krempa, a shift supervisor at the Depew store says. “Despite their actions, our demands for a better say in our workplace can’t be drowned out and today’s decision showed us again that we are simply asserting the rights we have as partners to have a say in our working conditions. Hopefully Starbucks will decide to live up to their mission and values and sit down with partners at Genesee and Elmwood to bargain a contract that works both for us and the company. Our movement is only growing as more partners around the country file petitions at their own stores and join our fight.”

Last month, workers at the Elmwood Avenue Starbucks and the Genesee Street Starbucks voted to unionize, and are now represented by Starbucks Workers United