Why Jon Heyman is wrong on Aaron Judge-Barry Bonds


Jon Heyman is at it again.

As Aaron Judge made his much-anticipated trek towards history this season, the MLB insider has been beating the drum to discount Barry Bonds’ 73-home run campaign in 2001. After Judge belted dinger No. 62 on Tuesday night to set a new American League record, Heyman once again got on his soap box for Judge.

Heyman penned a column for the New York Post declaring Judge the *true* home run champion, citing the widespread belief that Bonds used steroids on the back end of his career. Here’s a passage:

Technically, MLB still recognizes Barry Bonds as the record-holder, and that’s not about to change. But we know better.

Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa changed the equation by loading up on the good stuff, transforming their bodies and tilting the game so far in their favor that they became superhuman almost overnight. Bonds, McGwire and Sosa get to keep their undeserved trophies and their ill-gotten extra loot. But anyone who truly believes they merit their records, too, must see Danny Almonte as a great Little Leaguer, Lance Armstrong as the best bicyclist and Tonya Harding as a deserving Olympian.

If ever a situation warranted an asterisk — at the very least — this is it.

95.7 The Game’s “Willard & Dibs” discussed Heyman’s reaction, which he promoted with a pointed tweet on Tuesday.

“Facts died,” Mark Willard said. “Somewhere in like 2018, 2019, the word ‘facts’, it died. There’s a grave somewhere. Now we feel like we get to have opinions about facts. This is not an opinion. This is just fanning flames. There is a fact here that you have decided is not a fact – and that is that Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs.”

Co-host Dan Dibley also pointed to recent comments Judge gave to the San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea, as he said, “That’s the record. I watched him do it. I stayed up late watching him do it. That’s the record. No one can take that from him.”

That’s all Dibs needed to hear.

“In fact, the guy who hit his 62nd home run has already gone on the record and said Barry Bonds is the home run champion,” Dibs said. “That tells me one of two things. Either ‘A’ – Aaron Judge himself is a juicer and so he’s trying to hide behind the fact he’s also juicing, or ‘B’ he understands more deeply, the overall nature of what this is.”

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