Minnesota Chamber of Commerce working on plan to reopen state's economy


The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is working on a plan to reopen the state's economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Doug Loon, the President of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, joined Dave Lee this morning to discuss his plans on how to reopen businesses in a safe way. 

Loon said the biggest factor is making sure the workforce is safe as they come back to work.  He cites the manufacturing industry as the model for reopening businesses. He says that they have done a great job of keeping workers physically distant and keeping their workplaces sanitized. 

"They're doing everything they can to protect their workers," Loon said of the manufacturing industry. "Fundamentally, a business can't operate unless they have workers in the places that they need them. If the workforce becomes sick like we saw with the pork plant in Sioux Falls, that is a huge detriment to the future and success of that business. Businesses here in Minnesota has gone to great means to make sure the workforce is protected."  

The Chamber President said that he is in constant discussion with Governor Tim Walz about ways they can reopen the economy as businesses are getting anxious about the future. He said that he is working with the Governor on adding more business exemptions to his stay at home executive order. 

"We believe that if a business that is exempt now can be safe that should be applied to other parts of the economy and learn from those experiences and bring more workers back," said Loon. "We fundamentally believe we can get Minnesota back to work and we can do it in a safe way."