Minneapolis requiring masks inside stores, hotels starting May 26

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Masks will soon be required at “indoor places of public accommodation” in Minneapolis.

“In Minneapolis we take our commitment to one another very seriously – it’s who we are as a people,” said Minneapolis Mayor Frey. “With more commercial activity set to resume, it’s important that we right-size our approach to public health regulations given our city’s outsized footprint in the state. Wearing a cloth mask is not a substitute for the measures like safe physical distancing that have already helped us extend the curve, but it will help keep Minneapolis safer."

Listed in Mayor Jacob Frey’s latest emergency regulation are retail stores, hotels, government buildings, schools, recreational facilities and service centers. It applies to everyone over the age of 2 to “reduce the risk of community spread.”

Minneapolis had just shy of 3,000 casis of Covid-19 as of Wednesday night.

The CDC recommends people wear masks in public “because of evidence that people with COVID-19 can spread the disease, even when they don’t have any symptoms.

Numerous cities, counties, states and retailers have required masks.

The CDC recently updated its coronavirus guidelines to say that it is not spread as easily on surfaces, but primarily through droplets from an infected person. Cloth masks limit the amount of droplets that can reach another person.

Gov. Tim Walz and Minnesota health leaders have not required masks, just strongly recommended them. The latest turn of the dial taking effect June 1 requires restaurant and salon/barbershop workers to wear masks.

It takes effect May 26.