Some shocking stats to put the Twins postseason losing streak in perspective

Their 18 losses in a row is a professional major sports record
Twins vs. Astros, Game Two, Odorizzi
Jake Odorizzi reflects after the Twins drop game two to Houston Photo credit (Getty Images / Hannah Foslien / Stringer)

Alright, we’ve probably had enough already, hearing about the Twins postseason struggles. The Twins dropped game two against Houston Wednesday which ends the postseason much faster than anyone expected.

But, there are some numbers that reflect just how deep this postseason losing streak is now. And it’s too interesting not to share.

Since Johan Santana’s brilliant game one performance in the 2004 ALDS against the Yankees, the Twins are 0-18.

Here’s how that stacks up:

Let’s start with Houston, winners of this two-game Wild Card set against the Twins. Since that Twins win in New York in 2004, the Astros have won 43 postseason games. The Twins have won zero. Both teams have been to the postseason seven times in those years. Amazing.

Heading to the Pacific Northwest now.  How about the Seattle Mariners.  Why bring them up?  Since the start of the century, the Mariners have more wins in the postseason than the Twins.  So what you say?  The Mariners haven’t BEEN to the postseason since 2001.

28 of the other 29 MLB teams have won a postseason game since the Twins last won one.  The only team that hasn’t in that stretch?  Seattle who last won a game in 2001.

How about we take a look at a team in town like….the Timberwolves.  They’ve done nothing but struggle.  Since the end of the 2004 season, the Timberwolves have more playoff victories than the Twins.  It’s 1-0 Timberwolves.  Not exactly the definition of successful.

A few other notes for Twins fans:

·        Minnesota has been outscored 107-48 during the 18 game losing streak.

·        13 of the 18 losses have been to the New York Yankees.  The A’s in 2006 and Astros this season are the only other teams the Twins have faced in the postseason.

·        Beyond this losing streak, the Twins have won 5 games: 3 in the 2002 ALDS, 1 in the 2002 ALCS, 1 in the 2004 ALDS.  To sting just a bit more, two of the losses in the 2004 ALDS against the Yankees were extra-inning defeats which set the Twins on this march to 18 straight.  Ouch.

·        The Twins hitters were silenced in the two games against a very average Houston team.  The Twins now have 15 postseason games in a row in which they scored four or fewer runs.  That won’t get it done obviously.

·        Three hits in Wednesday’s elimination game ties the lowest output for the Twins in a postseason game.  The other two were in the 1965 World Series against Sandy Koufax of the Dodgers, and in the 1969 ALCS against the Orioles’ Dave McNally.  It should be noted, Koufax went 26-8 with a 2.04 ERA in 1965.  McNally was 20-7 in 1969 with a 3.22 ERA in the midst of four straight 20-win seasons.  The Astros didn’t come anywhere near that sort of talent on the mound during this series which points to a lot of futility for the Twins’ bats.

How does the Twins’ 18 game postseason losing streak stack up to other teams and sports? Here are your record holders:

o   Minnesota Twins: 18 games (2004 to present)

o   Chicago Blackhawks: 16 games (1975-79)

o   Detroit Pistons: 14 games (2008 to present)

o   Los Angeles Kings: 14 games (1993-2001)

Here’s hoping 2021 brings a different result.  The streak has to end eventually.  Right?