Concern growing over mutated COVID-19 virus according to Dr. Osterholm

"I think it represents a real challenge to us globally"
Coronavirus, mutated Virus
There is global concern about a new version of the COVID-19 virus. Photo credit (Getty Images / Varunyu)

Concern is growing as scientists closely watch a new variant of the COVID 19 virus to see how it affects the current pandemic.

"I think it represents a real challenge to us globally, " said University of Minnesota Infectious Disease Doctor Michael Osterholm, "I think this particular variant which is very different from the other variants we've seen, could very well substantially increase transmissions of the virus and whether these vaccines can protect us remains unclear at this point."

Osterholm speaking with News Talk 830 WCCO's Dave Lee on the Morning News Monday.

"I don't think we should minimize it," and I think that the countries in the European Union, and Canada, that are banning travel, that is really something we have to have a discussion about in this country."

Osterholm is a member of President-Elect Biden's coronavirus task force.