Hennepin County Sheriff credits diverse workforce for hiring uptick, will seek approval for more hiring

Despite police officer staffing levels decreasing at departments across the country including in Minneapolis, Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson says hiring levels are actually up in his department.

Sheriff Hutching telling WCCO Radio's Henry Lake on Tuesday night that having a diverse sheriff's office has contributed to the increase.

"The more, good diverse people we put in leadership roles, they're going to self recruit," Hutchinson said. "People are going to say this place is good for people of color or minorities. So that's an easy fix. We just make sure we have the best people. They go tell their friends and families what a great profession this is and agency this is. That's what's really helped us."

Hutchinson says they're in-need of detention deputies and will soon make a request to hire a large number of deputies.

"We're actually going to ask the County Board for approval to hire a very large number of deputies," he said. "The brand is strong and we performed well in some very, very poor circumstances."

When it comes to rising cases of violence not only in Hennepin County and Minneapolis, but across the country, Sheriff Hutchinson believes there are number of contributing factors.

"Right now I think there's so many shootings is because people aren't being held accountable," Hutchinson said. "When they do get arrested, sometimes they don't get prosecuted. There are a ton of variables."