Back to school for Minneapolis school district kids

Pre-K and kindergarten kids are first to return
Kindergarten and covid precautions
Kindergarten precautions include masks, social distancing Photo credit Getty Images

It's back to school for youngsters in the Minneapolis School district.

In person learning returns to Pre-K and Kindergarten students this Monday morning.

First and Second graders return on Wednesday this week.

In 2 weeks, grades 3 through 5 will return.

High school students in the Minneapolis district remain in distance learning mode.

In all, some 5,500 kids will be in classes in Minneapolis by the end of the week.

Administrators say those classrooms will be safe with the proper protocols in place, mask wearing, plenty of hand sanitizers.

Some teachers aren't so sure.

They've been pleading with the district to keep from returning to the classrooms until there have been more teachers vaccinated.

Last week, the CDC suggested that was a threshold that was not necessary.

Also, a Hennepin County judge ruled that the district can't force teachers back into classes if they've got a reason to continue to work from home.

It's not known how many teachers in the Minneapolis school district have applied for an accommodation to work from home.

About 40% of the student body has opted to continue with distance learning, administrators say.

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