Photos inside private Twin Cities fundraiser before Trump's diagnosis show no masks, no social distancing

President Trump
President Trump Photo credit Getty Images

No social distancing. No masks.

WCCO political insider Blois Olson said that's what he saw on images and video taken at a Wednesday fundraiser for President Trump at the west metro home of Marty Davis, the CEO of Cambria.

Trump announced on Twitter early Friday morning that he and the First Lady had tested positive for coronavirus.

Olson said the images were on the Instagram account of Sergio Gore, one of Trump's top fund raisers.

"Staff and guests lingered after the president was there," Olson told Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News. "They sang karaoke, they had their arms around each other."

Among the guests was South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, with Olson saying she posed for many pictures, again without a mask and not practicing social distancing.

"I think that the protocols and all of this that we have been working on for months was not followed at that fundraiser, I think will raise more questions about how people are treating the virus, how careful people have been, may emerge as kind of a substory to the president testing positive," said Olson.

Already, many people who were with the president during his Minnesota trip and top federal officials are getting tested for COVID-19.

"It's starting to feel to me like we're entering the next season of COVID," Olson said. "With this news, I think it might give us all a little more pause."