Walz tells WCCO that "Operation Safety Net" will remain in place

Some community groups want the effort scaled back

Governor Walz says he acknowledges the pain and trauma in the Twin Cities following yet another officer-involved shooting death.

But he also says there will continue to be an increased presence of law enforcement and national guard troops in the area with the Derek Chauvin trial verdict coming soon.

The governor told Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News that Operation Safety Net allowed law enforcement to act quickly following Daunte Wright's death.

"We have to have change, this cannot be allowed to happen," said Walz about a Brooklyn Park police officer firing her service revolver into Wright during a traffic stop on Sunday. "But, we also witnessed last May that there are those who would exploit tragedy."

There was some looting in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis earlier in the week.

"We cannot allow our city to burn, that does not move us any closer to racial justice, it does not bring justice to Daunte Wright," Walz said.

Some community groups have called on the governor to scale-back Operation Safety Net, which was put into place as a precaution against possible violence related to the Chauvin trial.

Walz said since Wright's death, Operation Safety Net has allowed peaceful protests to continue while dealing with those who are creating unrest.

"This has been planned for many months, local officials have been involved in it the entire time, there were ample opportunities to ask questions," he said."

"We're not going to leave the city vulnerable, we're not going to create chaos where peaceful protests can't even happen," Walz said. "We know how quickly this escalates, we saw it last year. We didn't have the luxury to plan ahead."