Blustery winds, widespread rainfall headed for Minnesota

Photo credit Getty Images

Blustery winds followed by widespread rainfall will impact Minnesota Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday according to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities.

A Wind Advisory for western Minnesota was issued until 7 p.m. Tuesday with wind gusts expected to reach up to 45 MPH. Lower gusts around 30 MPH were expected to impact the Twin Cities and surrounding areas before diminishing in the evening.

NWS Twin Cities meteorologist Brent Hewitt says dry conditions still persist despite recent precipitation and Tuesday's winds will certainly add to the dryness.

"The winds will kick up loose soils and debris so you might see low-level dust clouds," Hewitt said. "This time of the year a lot of the farm fields, or a good portion of the farm fields are plowed, so it's easier to kick-up that dirt and debris."

As for the drought itself, the top layer of dirt will dry out and could create some issues.

"It could be worry for fire weather, but with rain on the way, fire weather concerns should be limited."

Rain is expected to enter Minnesota early Wednesday morning before tapering off Thursday, according to Hewitt. Much of the state could see up to 1.5 inches with lower total expect in northeast and northwest Minnesota.

"Unfortunately those places in the Arrowhead won't see as much rain, only a tenth or quarter-inch, they're the ones who really need it based on drought conditions," Hewitt added. "For the rest of the state, it should be a good soaking rain. Not a thunderstorm where you get it in five minutes and a lot of it runs off."

Severe storms are not expected Wednesday or Thursday, but lightning is possible throughout the day.