Remote workers worry ‘Zoom Ceiling’ is hurting their careers

Employees working from home concerned they're being passed up for promotions

ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - Working from home could be a barrier to advancement. There's concern among some remote workers that they're getting passed over for promotions or at least that employers are showing more favor to workers who have returned to the office.

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Veta Richardson, Author of Take Six: Essential Habits to Own Your Destiny, Overcome Challenges, and Unlock Opportunities tells KMOX it's being called the "Zoom Ceiling."

"Remote work does require you to be a lot more purposeful about tracking and sharing your accomplishments," Richardson says it's not bragging, because you're sharing the work of a team or project.

Richardson says if you can't be there in person, be sure to pick up the phone. "Having a conversation, unpacking or summarizing where you might be with respect to a project, also to have a little bit more of that human dynamic that helps build relationships."

She adds that asking for help is not a failure, "many of us are trained to feel we need to be totally independent and capable, and asking for help indicates weakness. I think one of the things about this pandemic that's really been underscored is that we all have to be in this for one another, and asking for help is not an admission of weakness it's just an acknowledgement that someone else might be able to contribute as well."

Richardson says take stock before making a decision to be 100% remote. You need to have good organizational, self-motivation, planning, and communication skills.

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