Schlereth: Dolphins 'should've scored 80 and tried to get 1,000 yards' against Broncos

Mark Schlereth of the Audacy original podcast “Stinkin' Truth” raved about the Dolphins’ eye-popping offense this past Sunday against Denver

(Audacy Sports/WGR 550) - The Miami Dolphins scored 10 touchdowns en route to a 70-20 rout of the Denver Broncos this past Sunday in South Florida.

While some are questioning if head coach Mike McDaniel and his offense disrespected the game, a Broncos legend wanted the Dolphins to score even more.

Former NFL lineman and three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth of the Audacy original podcast “Stinkin' Truth” raved about the Dolphins’ eye-popping offense this week.

"I think they should’ve scored 80 and tried to get 1,000 yards of offense," Schlereth said. "[McDaniel] called off the dogs and the Broncos still couldn’t stop them. I think they should’ve set the all-time record."

The Dolphins scored two touchdowns in the first and third quarters, and three touchdowns in the second and fourth quarters. They put up the most points since 1966, and a total of 726 yards in the process.

Schlereth explained what makes Miami’s offense so dangerous.

"I think team speed is eye-popping," he said. "And it’s not just long speed. It’s one thing to run a fast 40. It’s another thing to run side to side, to move side to side with alacrity and quickness. They have that exponentially more probably than any other team in football. Their short-burst speed, their quickness is eye-popping.

"There’s rewindable moment after rewindable moment after rewindable moment. They had 25 explosive plays."

He explained that most teams deem a double-digit yard run or a pass of around 20 yards or more as "explosive plays".

Those can add up for a team like the Dolphins.

"A lot of coordinators will tell you that every explosive we give up is about the equivalent of 2.8 points per explosive," Schlereth said. "Do you know what 2.8 times 25 is?... It’s exactly 70. It’s insane. It’s insane what they ended up doing. Honestly, I have never seen its equal."

The Dolphins face a bit of a tougher task this weekend as they travel up to Buffalo for a divisional matchup with the Bills at Highmark Stadium.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Carmen Mandato - Getty Images