A Same Sex Couple Had Their Airbnb Reservation Canceled After the Host Realized They’re Gay

Airbnb is looking into the incident where a gay couple's request for a reservation was canceled after the property owner asked them a homophobic question.

When Curtis Kimberlin, Jr. and his boyfriend Jonathan started making travel plans to Dallas, Texas, they wrote a friendly note to a landlord who was advertising his place on the short-term rental website Airbnb. But the property responded with a homophobic question before canceling the couple’s reservation request.

When Kimberlin posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter, it went viral. The couple was contacted by Hilton Hotels and given a free stay, which they accepted. The owner of the property has denied that his actions were homophobic.

Airbnb has since released a statement, saying, “We enforce a strict nondiscrimination policy, and when a potential violation of this policy is brought to our attention, we investigate and take action, up to removal from our community.”

The company said it suspended the property owner and his listing from its platform while it continues investigating.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images