PHOTO: Touching high school graduation photo recreates ‘Toy Story’ scene


“You’ve got a friend in me.”

Josiah Robles is starting a new chapter in his life this fall at Baylor University.

On May 28, the teen from Texas graduated from Somerset High School, and this mother, Roxanne, had a heartwarming idea to mark the milestone, according to Today.

Roxanne gathered her son’s childhood toys and recreated the iconic “Toy Story” scene where Andy leaves his toys before heading off to college.

“About two years ago, my mom had seen a Facebook post of a kid doing the same sort of thing for the first day of kindergarten,” the mother said.

The picture shows Buzz Lightyear and Woody with their hands raised, waving goodbye as Robles walks away holding a Baylor flag.

When Robles posted the photo, taken by close family friend Brandon Romero, to his Twitter account, he didn’t realize that thousands of people would like the post.

“I had no idea it was going to have that kind of impact,” the student said. “It was really just t