Bill Belichick enjoying beach vacation at height of NFL free agency is ultimate power move


While other NFL executives spent their weekends throwing record-setting money at mediocre talents like Mitch Morse and Justin Coleman, Bill Belichick was enjoying some time at an exclusive beach resort in Barbados. 

It’s the ultimate power move, and something only a man who owns a boat named “VIII Rings” -- probably soon to be "IX Rings" -- can get away with. 

The Daily Mail published an extensive photo spread Monday of Belichick and longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday at the Caribbean resort, “Flouters.” During the busiest period of the offseason, it certainly seems like Belichick was enjoying some days off.

Of course, in today’s day and age, it is possible to work from remote locations. The Patriots reportedly acquired defensive end Michael Bennett Friday, presumably while Belichick was flaunting his guns at the beach. 

Patriots coach Bill Belichick and his girlfriend Linda Holliday vacation in Barbados - National Football League News -

— NFL News Now (@NFLNewsNow247) March 11, 2019

But then again, it doesn’t seem like Belichick was glued to his phone –– unless he was firing off messages from a diving dock. Above all else, these photos show the Patriots are a well-oiled operation and suggest Belichick could still coach for many more years to come. It doesn’t seem like the job is taking years off his life.

Ten years ago, Belichick told NFL Films he doesn’t wish to be the next Marv Levy and coach into his 70s. Since then, he’s won three Super Bowls and been to five. As a result of that success, he’s free to adhere to his own schedule. Last year, he took in a Red Sox Spring Training game during the first day of NFL free agency.

The Patriots seem like they’re running as smoothly as ever.