Patriots draft pick Chase Winovich explains how he landed date with Madonna's daughter, and proceeded to mess it up


Patriots draft pick Chase Winovich will soon find out whether chasing down opposing NFL quarterbacks is easier or harder than trying to score a date with Madonna's daughter. 

The ex-Michigan standout courted The Queen of Pop’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, while they were both students at Ann Arbor. Winovich says his family doubted his ability to go out with her, so he emailed Leon with innocuous questions about joining the school’s music, theatre and dance program. They wound up going on a single date, where Winovich tried to impress her, and failed miserably.

“I tried real hard to make a good impression. I was even watching some TV show, and they taught how to do magic. It was like, exploding fingers,” he said Friday on the ‘Rich Eisen Show.’ “At one point, she was like, ‘I’m hungry.’ I was like, ‘What do you want?’ She said, ‘These appetizers look good.’ I said, ‘I’ll take one of everything.’ It didn’t work.”

Chase Winovich telling a story about going on a date with Madonna's daughter.He said he emailed her saying was trying to join the school of music, theatre & dance... One thing lead to another and they went on a date."get the job done, figure out how to do it" ------

— 69 (@ftbeard_17) May 3, 2019

But at least Winovich gave it a shot, earning some praise from his grandfather in the process.

“My grandfather always gave me some advice: ‘Get the job done. Figure out how to do it,’” Winovich said.

Unfortunately, mastering the Patriots’ scheme is more difficult than landing a date, even if it is with music royalty. But at least Winovich has shown he embraces a challenge.

The Patriots selected Winovich with the No. 77 overall selection in this year’s NFL Draft. The pass-rusher accumulated 13.5 sacks in his junior and senior seasons at Michigan.