Chris Simms insists he 'really likes' Tom Brady, while continuing to rip Tom Brady


Chris Simms denies he’s on an anti-Tom Brady crusade, while continuing to minimize his accomplishments. On “PFT Live” Monday, Simms explained his curious decision to rank Brady No. 9 on his vaunted preseason quarterback list.

“(The Patriots) changed the way they play,” he told PFT founder Mike Florio. “They play the game through the run first. They’re telling you 'Hey, Tom Brady’s awesome,' but I don’t think we can win consistently with him throwing it 40 and 45 times a game like we did four years ago or five years ago. I think they’re showing you that, and I think that’s why they’re trying to change their style of football.”

Simms went on to say he doesn’t like getting portrayed as a Brady detractor, because he actually “really likes the guy.” 

If that is the case, then Simms has an interesting way of displaying his affection. At the Super Bowl, Simms made the rounds at Radio Row, and told every person who would listen that Brady wasn’t the best QB of all-time

For years, Simms has painted Brady as a “system QB,” saying Bill Belichick is the primary reason for the Patriots’ historic run of success. The one-time NFL backup continued to make that assertion Monday, but made sure to mention how much he respects Brady’s game. 

“I hate to have this conversation, because I’m making points against Tom Brady, and I don’t like that. I really don’t,” Simms said. “But the system is phenomenal, as in they went 11-5 with a guy who didn’t play college football. He came in, and they went 11-5. There you go. The system is there.”

Ah, the old Matt Cassel argument. Can you guess who Simms cited next? (Hint: he is perhaps best known for breaking bed with porn star Kiera Mia.)

“Then Randy Moss wasn’t there, and they went 3-1 again. Jimmy Garoppolo hadn’t played a game in the NFL, and in the first game he played, we went, ‘Holy cow, this guy looks like a top-10 quarterback,’” Simms explained. “Then in the second week, they drove right down the field the first three series. He’s got three touchdown passes in the first half of the game! He got hurt, and then they won the next game with Jacoby Brissett. Again, I’m not bagging on Tom Brady. A lot of quarterbacks had had systems. I’m not about that. I understand the greatness of Brady.”

Absolutely, because anybody who understands Brady’s greatness would compare his all-time great run to the Patriots winning a sloppy Thursday night game against the overwhelmed Texans, in which Brissett completed 11 passes and threw for 103 yards without a touchdown.

Here’s the Chris Simms sound from today’s PFT Live - he doesn’t count rings when ranking QBs, justifying putting Rodgers and Elway ahead of Brady. Simms also bags on Brady, with the caveat that he’s not bagging on Brady.

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A former Patriots quality control coach –– for one season –– Simms has even irked some of his NFL Media colleagues with his latest Brady critiques. Kurt Warner lashed out at him, prompting Simms to label the Hall of Famer a “troll" in an interview with OMF

Pot, meet kettle.