Amid salacious rumors, David Ortiz's attorney says his client has done nothing wrong


David Ortiz’s attorney denies his client is involved in illicit activities that may have led to his shooting, apparently referring to salacious reports about the iconic slugger’s romantic affair with the partner of a drug kingpin. 

While Dominican authorities are expected to fully brief the press Wednesday, José Martínez Hoepelman said he’s satisfied with the progress of the investigation. “I can say that David Ortiz is innocent in what happened. He has no connection to illicit activities, no relationships with people who have criminal connections, nor has he violated his family values that would bring about such an incident,” he said to the Globe Tuesday. “What I can tell you is that I’m satisfied with the work the authorities have done so far. Obviously I have to wait to see what the family thinks, but as a lawyer, I’m happy with the work the authorities have done so far.”

Dominican police arrested their 11th suspect Tuesday, who they say rented one of the cars used in the apparent murder plot. Nine other suspects, including the alleged gunmen, who claims he was targeting somebody else, were indicted last week.

The Daily Mail is reporting Ortiz was carrying on an affair with Dominican model Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia, which led to a drug kingpin ordering a hit on him. Ortiz was shot in the back at close range at a bar in Santo Domingo June 9. 

Hoepelman says Ortiz would never put himself in dangerous situations. “That’s why we need to wait for authorities to give the official version, which will clearly be based on irrefutable evidence,” he said.

The Dominican criminal justice system is one of the most corrupt in the world. In a 2011 report, Amnesty International cited the National Police for widespread extortion, corruption and bribery.