Ed Markey vows to give Robert Kraft's contributions to anti-trafficking group


Senator Ed Markey is donating Robert Kraft’s campaign contributions to an organization that intends to end human trafficking in the wake of the Patriots owner’s misdemeanor charges for twice soliciting prostitutes at a day spa in Florida.

The junior senator is one of many prominent politicians on both sides of the aisle whom Kraft has supported over the years. In 2013, Kraft bequeathed $3,600 to Markey’s senate campaign, when he was running to take John Kerry’s seat. 

“Sexual exploitation in all of its forms is reprehensible,” Markey told the Globe’s Bob Hohler. “These allegations are very alarming, and I have confidence that the authorities will be investigating this matter fully to get to the truth.”

While authorities have not pressed any human trafficking charges, they contend women were working at these spas, including the Orchids of Asia Day, against their will. Ten spas throughout South Florida have been ensnared in the investigation, with roughly 200 johns getting charged.

Law enforcement says they don’t suspect Kraft or any of the other johns possessed knowledge about the alleged trafficking operation.

Like all of his colleagues in the senate, Markey supports legislation to end human trafficking. Last month, Markey co-sponsored a resolution along with 10 other senators aimed to stopping the illegal sex trade.

Two of those other senators, Marco Rubio and John Cornyn, have also received campaign contributions from Kraft. Neither has addressed whether they will redirect or return his donations.