Alex Guerrero says he thinks Tom Brady could play until he's 50


Tom Brady has continually stated his desire to play football until he’s 45 years old –– outside of his ominous rumination at the end of “Tom vs. Time” last year. But his trainer and closest confidante Alex Guerrero thinks the Patriots quarterback could take snaps under center until he’s 50.

In a new book titled, “No One Man Should Have All That Power: How Rasputins Manipulate the World” (sounds like light reading), Guerrero tells author Amos Barshad he has no doubt Brady can play at a high level into his mid-40s. 

“I know how Tom feels every day,” Guerrero says in the book, per Deadspin. “He says, ‘I don’t have any soreness. I’m ready to play again. Those are things that we thought would happen, and now we’re seeing the reality of them happening. Do I think Tom can play to a high level at forty-five? Absolutely.”

That’s not different from what Brady and Guerrero have said previously. In the TB12 Method, Brady says he hasn’t experienced any shoulder soreness since hooking up with Guerrero in the mid-aughts, even though shoulder issues plagued him earlier in his career. 

But Guerrero takes the TB12 mantra one step further in the book. He doesn’t dismiss the idea of Brady playing until he’s 50, explaining how he believes the human brain doesn’t account for age. 

“I mean, why not? I’ve never put limits on myself, and I’ve never put limits on any of my clients,” Guerrero said. “I’m a big believer that everything is learned behavior. You tell an athlete, ‘You’re gonna be done when you’re thirty,’ well, the brain begins to believe that, and all your neuro-programming is based on, ‘OK, I’m thirty, I’m old.’ But I don’t think the brain understands the concept of time. It doesn’t understand age. Right? How would your brain know you’re whatever age you are? I always tell Tom, we’re not gonna tell our body what we wanna do. We’re gonna tell our body what we want it to do.”

If Brady plays until 50, that would take him through the 2026 season. He’s currently only signed through 2019, so it looks like the Patriots have some negotiating to do.