'Tom Terrific' scandal is Tom Brady's most ridiculous controversy yet


Tom Brady has been involved in lots of overblown pseudo-controversies over the span of his illustrious career. But the fervor over his request to trademark the “Tom Terrific” moniker might be the most ridiculous one yet.

The Patriots’ quarterback recently filed paperwork to trademark the nickname for the purposes of collective trading cards and t-shirts, and Mets fans are appalled. To them, “Tom Terrific” will always refer to Tom Seaver, the Hall of Fame hurler who spent the first decade of his career with the Mets. But nobody ever trademarked the alliterative name, so it is up for the taking. That’s how Team TB12 swooped in.

"When you've got so much goddamned money, you can do whatever you want, and this is now what Tom Brady wants to take,” avowed Mets fan Boomer Esiason said Monday on WFAN. “Maybe in New England they call him that, I guess. But you know what? We've been calling Tom Seaver 'Tom Terrific' forever, for as long as I can remember, for 50 years. That's who Tom Terrific has always been. I am disgusted, and I'm really surprised, and I'm really -- I don't know, it just feels sleazy to me, you know?”

Esiason is not alone. On Wednesday, there will be a mass protest in Manhattan, where attendees will dump Brady memorabilia into garbage bags filled with beans. The event is titled, “Boston T.B. Party,” and will feature speeches from some of Seaver’s former teammates. 

"Go back to deflating footballs, you jerk,” an outraged Mets fan told the New York Post

Hey @uspto, with all due respect to @TomBrady...There’s only one #TomTerrific to us. #LGM #Mets pic.twitter.com/CvzWY4hu7Y

— New York Mets (@Mets) June 3, 2019

While New Yorkers will understandably take any opportunity to lambast Brady, this is all pretty ridiculous. Brady’s company, TEB Capital Management, filed for the trademark applications last month. It’s possible, if not probable, Brady wasn’t even aware of the process. 

Also, despite very scientific Twitter poll findings from OMF, nobody in real life refers to “Tom Brady” as “Tom Terrific.” It sounds so foolish. “Tom Brady” is synonymous with “TB12.” After that, he is the “GOAT.” 

“Tom Terrific?” How lame. 

So even if the application is approved, Brady is not stealing the name. For those in New York, it can still be synonymous with Tom Seaver and his three Cy Young awards. 

This potential ruling only affects merchandising. The Mets had 33 years to trademark “Tom Terrific.” Add it to their long list of organizational blunders.