Report: Patriots to negotiate with Tom Brady ‘in a couple weeks’


There have been a few days of relative quiet of late in the Brady Watch saga that is Tom Brady’s impending free agency.

So NBC Sports Boston has offered up what it bills as “informed” perspective on where things stand right now between TB12 and the Patriots.

While the entire football world has been talking about the immediate future for the G.O.A.T., NBC Sports Boston reports that actual negotiations between New England its franchise quarterback for the last two decades “will begin ‘in a couple weeks’” though it does not attributed the quote to any particular source. Its interpretation is that those negotiations could be at the NFL Combine that begins on February 26 or immediately after it wraps up on March 1.

Maybe most notable in the report is that the Patriots “aren’t worried about other team’s financial pitches” to Brady, such as recent reports that the Raiders will be willing to offer the quarterback two years and $60 million. NBC Sports Boston declares that New England’s dealing with Brady “revolves around the direction of the 2020 offensive personnel, Brady getting some input on that and Brady’s role in the team’s future.”

And though it might provide valuable content for every media outlet, NBC Sports Boston warns the football world not to expect any sort of Brady free agency tour if he does indeed hit the open market on March 18. Rather, the Brady camp “may try to set up meetings at one location instead of creating a media circus.”

If that’s true, it sounds like it would be something similar to what Brady actually took part in himself as a recruiting tool for the Boston Celtics a few years back when he joined the team in its meeting with free agent Kevin Durant in New York’s Hamptons.

So, there you have it. In a couple days of relative quiet regarding the rumor- and report-filled future of Brady, there are a few more interesting nuggets to advance the hours and days through Brady Watch 2020.

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