Gronk visits WEEI: ‘It’s a no’ on Patriots comeback


Retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski stopped by the WEEI studios for an appearance on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday morning in his role as a spokesman for CBDMEDIC.

Beyond explaining the benefits of the product and giving the show’s host a massage to prove its worth, Gronkowski was obviously asked about his retirement and a possible return to the Patriots.

In fact, a caller asked the future Hall of Famer to give a yes or no response as to whether he would be returning to the New England roster this season. And Gronkowski obliged the fan’s request.

“I’ll give an answer. Obviously when I retired I retired for a reason, because I needed to step away. So it would be a no. It would be a no,” Gronkowski emphasized. “There it is. But I never say no because I said no and everyone was like ‘yeah, he’s kidding.’ It’s a no. In my mind that’s how it is. It’s a no. I say I keep it open because even when I do say no people are like ‘yeah right, he’s kidding.’ They always spin it. But in my mind it’s a no. There you go.”

Prior to that definitive answer, Gronkowski did describe what it might take for him to hypothetically consider a comeback, and it wasn’t money or anything that the region’s fans could provide.

“The love has been shown, for sure. No doubt about that. It was never really about that. But like I said I would have to be feeling it, mentally and physically,” Gronkowski explained. “It would need to be 10 days or a couple weeks of me just feeling it, like I need to go play football again. I don’t know how I would describe it. That’s what I’m trying to say. I’m enjoying myself right now. I don’t have that itch. If I had that itch I would go back. I would have to have that itch and it would have to be a continuous itch. It’s not like I see Tom [Brady> throw a nice touchdown pass and, like man if that’s me and for like the five second itch. It has to be a continuous itch, like every day, every week. It has to be a long, continuous itch.”

Gronkowski, who recently signed a deal to join FOX as an analyst, says he does not miss football on Sundays.

“No. I’m very satisfied where I am at.” Gronkowski said. “I say it all the time, I would have never left the game if I was going to be itching every single day. I’ve said that before many times too. I had that thought, too, would I be missing it? I just knew that it needed to be done. I’m very satisfied where I am at.”

If he did decide to return, though, Gronkowski thinks he could be ready to play pretty quickly.

“If I really focused on it, you can really do anything you want. The mind has to be to it. If I really had that itch and really wanted to focus on it then I could probably do it in a week if I wanted to. It’s like riding a bike,” Gronkowski said.

Beyond all the talk of his retirement and a possible return, here are some of the other notable highlights from Gronkowski’s in-studio visit with The Greg Hill Show.

Do you miss Bill Belichick?

Oh man. In ways, for sure. Just like leaving the game, I miss the game in ways, for sure. But his coaching techniques and everything, he’s hands down the best coach obviously I’ve ever been around. That’s obviously why he’s at the level he is.

People thought when you were leaving that you had become frustrated with Belichick and dealing with that?

Oh, not at all. Yeah, not at all.

If you had to say one person was responsible for the success of the Patriots, would you say Bill Belichick or Tom Brady?

Oh man. Wow. That’s a tough question. In football, as an organization, it’s not about one person. That’s what you learn about there, too. It’s really not. You have to have a whole team. You have to have everyone from the bottom to the top all gelled together in order to win games. You can see, how many teams do you see with so much talent in the league and these players never come together. They are in the wrong assignments. They are blowing coverages and they are losing games because of it. But they have the most talent in the league. I would say last year we won the Super Bowl, I would say not with the most talent but because we were a team. We gelled together. We figured out what plays worked for us. What plays could get us yards. What the defense, how to stop the other offense. And we all gelled together. It’s not like we were trying to make Hail Marys and make homeruns. We were just trying to move the ball inch by inch and wear out the other team. It’s because that’s what we needed to do. We found a way to win, we found techniques to win games. So it’s never all about one, I mean that’s crazy.

That’s a tough question. But I’m going to go with my, with the quarterback there.

Why didn’t Malcolm Butler play in the Super Bowl against the Eagles?

Everyone asks me this. My friends ask me this. Whoever asks me this. I actually know less info than you guys. I swear. I mean I still don’t even really know. I never really asked. I just stayed in my lane. I truly don’t know. I truly don’t. Never even asked a defensive player, either, what happened. If I heard someone talking about it then I would figure it out. But I never heard anyone…never asked questions.