Trade LeBron? NBA insider suggests it could happen on WEEI Late Night


Longtime NBA insider Peter Vecsey joined Patrick Gilroy on WEEI Late Night on Wednesday to share his thoughts about Thursday's looming trade deadline and dropped this tantalizing nugget: he wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers grow frustrated enough to trade LeBron James.

Even if a deal is farfetched, Vecsey suggested there's a serious case of buyer's remorse brewing in L.A., where James and his agent, Rich Paul, have attempted to bully the Lakers and Pelicans into sending Anthony Davis to Hollywood for most of L.A.'s young talent.

"He might've taken on the wrong person this time in trying to subvert what Magic was doing and trying to run the franchise himself, he and his agent," said Vecsey, who wrote a column on the subject at Patreon. "So that was the column today, about Magic Johnson and (owner) Jeanie Buss saying what the hell is going on here, man? We can't let this guy . . . . I suggested that the Lakers should try to trade LeBron. I would not be shocked if it happened."

Vecsey went on to add that he's not merely speculating about a LeBron trade, but that he's heard that Johnson and Buss are legitimately frustrated with the future Hall of Famer, particularly as he turns his back on players like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram.

"He's doing everything wrong," Vecsey said. "He was supposed to take these guys under his wing, instead he threw them under buses, planes, and trains. Clear the roster. He's got no respect for anybody. Davis is a good player. There's no question he's an All-Star, but what has he done? He hasn't been good enough to take anybody anywhere worthwhile. He's only gotten them to the second round once and the playoffs twice.

"If I'm the Lakers, I try to trade LeBron for a couple of key pieces, keep all those young guys, and move forward."

Vecsey was the dean of NBA scoops for years, and even if this one sounds a little out there -- trade Lebron? -- at the very least it's clear all is not right in La La Land.